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First, an apology: I used to have a links section to direct you to other resources that I find helpful. Way back, this “disappeared” and I resist taking on computer issues! I knew that I was not reciprocating with people who have added me to their sites and “something happened” recently that caused me to do something about it. It may seem to some that I am either selfish or arrogant (you may be right) and I apologise to friends and all others who maintain excellent sites that have not been acknowledged here (for a long time, anyway).

Antique Radio Forums: A friendly and excellent US based forum on all things related to vintage electronics.

UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration: An excellent UK based forum on all things related to vintage electronics.

Oregon Tektronix Museum: These guys, mostly old (and perhaps not so old) hands from Tektronix, had a vision to create a bricks and mortar Tektronix museum. They put their money where their mouth is, fantastic!

Radiomuseum: A searchable German based museum mostly on vintage radio but many other things too, including obscure data. You have to be a member to access the full information on each item.

Oscilloscope Museum: My friend Volker Klocke’s site covering mostly european instruments, a must see.

Online Museum and Technical History of Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent Technologies) Electronic Test Equipment: My friends Kenneth Kuhn’s excellent site. Kenneth is a brilliant engineer and all around polymath (IMHO), also extremely supportive of amateurs such as I.

Kurt’s Tektronix Page: Tektronix repair blog, extremely informative.

TekWiki: A must visit if you want to know about an item of vintage Tektronix gear including both technical (and in some instances manual downloads) and historical information.

Greentrace: A showcase of mainly british scopes.

The ValvePage: A british site showcasing vintage radios, tvs and various test equipment.

HP Memory Project: Marc Mislange’s amazing home museum located in marvelous Basque country, VISIT THIS SITE, extraordinary. I have visited Marc at his museum / home, he has an example of pretty much everything HP made prior to I am not sure when. From the tube era well into the ultra high-precision solid state era.

The National Valve Museum: Marvelous site with data and history on a wide variety of types and makes. If you like valves and have not yet visited this site, DO IT!

Ray Robinson Australian Radios: A comprehensive list of radio and test equipment some with pictures, some with schematics.

  1. Walter permalink

    Hallo Richard
    Just a short note ,that knowledge you have is so fast that my mouth hangs open ,I also have some Tek”s in my collection i.e. 545B and 310A and some other old test gear. I am still learning to use scopes and find it not easy ,but will continue to try ,like testing transistor, diodes.
    Richard I hope to hear from you .

    • Hi Walter. It is always good to know that what I do is enjoyed, thanks!
      On testing transistors and diodes, you are aware of the “Octopus” circuit?
      Look on youtube.

  2. permalink

    Hello all;
    I am searching for a collection of pre-vacuum tube oscilloscopes or oscillographs. I have a 3 beam, electromagnetic GE oscillograph that records the signal on film or projects on a ground glass (the precursor to a 3 beam storage scope) built around 1890. Would like to find an individual or collection that would appreciate this great vintage instrument for its historical value.

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