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Stupidity, the Underlying Pandemic.

May 24, 2020

This is perhaps not the best place for strong political opinions however, this is my blog, I don’t have any other platform and this stuff MATTERS. It is said that it is worse to witness evil and say/do nothing than to perpetrate evil.

Where to start: Well, consider this, in the US healthcare is not considered a universal right but owning guns and worse, assault weapons, is. One superficially intelligent person I have corresponded with through this blog told me that he voted for Trump because he was a “constitutional conservative”. First Trump has zero respect for the constitution and we knew that before he was awarded the office of President by the electoral college. Second, it was quite clear to me that his (the correspondent’s) concern was really about gun ownership rights. Any thinking and sane person knows, even if they don’t feel free to say so, that citizens/individuals have NO business owning assault and other automatic weapons. These are KILLING machines, that is to say, EVIL. I suspect that many Trump voters voted for him because either they are not capable of understanding this, or MUCH more likely are not willing to understand this, the second being flat out irresponsible.

Getting back to the economic system, unregulated capitalism is all about technologies to milk the wealth of the country into the pockets of very few. Be in NO DOUBT about that, and if that is OK with you, you are either evil or you need help. Many persons of stature have observed that capitalism is free enterprise for the poor and socialism for the rich. And we can see this perversion playing out once again with massive amounts of money going to corporations during the Covid-19 crisis and a token amount to individuals. Be in no doubt, large chunks of the money for corporations will end up in the pockets of the likes of CEOs and politicians.

We talk about society yet, we are close to having no society because for society to BE society, the priority HAS to be the common good, NOT every many for himself. And in the US, the first element of that has to be universal healthcare, that is, a healthcare system, NOT a healthcare industry. A report commissioned by the Khol brothers of all people, concluded that Medicare for all would actually bring a net economic benefit. It’s my understanding that other analyses have reached the same conclusion.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are operating an agenda to destroy the Social Security system. If you think this is good thing, be aware that it means a LOT of people will suffer and die. For the so-called “Christians”, learn and know that unfettered capitalism is NOT Christlike, at all.

Americans collapse socialism with communism. I think this may have started in the McCarthy days and has become automatic in people’s consciousness (guided by cunning right wing distortion of the public dialogue, the right wing brain is especially good at this, it’s called spin). However, the two philosophies are NOT the same. Socialism is simply an egalitarian approach to policy that is NECESSARY to support a society. Yes, it requires money from taxes. Well, there is PLENTY of money, it’s just being harvested and hoarded by the wealthy. They could not have “made” that money without PEOPLE. They DO have a duty to society. Capitalism HAS to be regulated otherwise, greed will (and does) prevail. There is NO reason why socialism cannot coexist with capitalism and vice versa. What is required is common sense. That seems to be a rare quality these days and I have concluded that the underlying pandemic is stupidity.

The working class have been sold out for perhaps 40 years and counting. The days of secure jobs, with healthcare and pensions, actually producing goods (you know those things that are actually made of stuff) are gone, perhaps forever. Yet by and large the working class vote for Republicans. Why is this? Well, I blame the Democrat establishment.  The Democrat establishment doesn’t want to acknowledge that there even is a working class in America, so they ignore them, the working class is beneath their nose-in-the-air vision. However, the Republicans DO have a message for the working class, it’s a bunch of lies and deceit but it’s better than being ignored and as we all know, lies repeated often enough (such as socialism is BAD) become some kind of sick truth.

There is a humanitarian disaster looming, one way or another. Due to robotics and the ever increasing power of A.I. the bar to holding down a job is ever increasing. More and more people will become unemployable. What’s going to happen to them? I think the Republican leaders, CEOs and bankers understand this and their policy making is designed to ensure that wealthy people can profit from technology but that they won’t have to support people who cannot contribute. Make no mistake, that is a LOT of people and the number will increase, a lot. If we are honest with ourselves, we know how evil humans can be. Slavery, genocide, ethnic cleansing….. I foresee factories designed to harvest live humans for all kinds of industrial purposes including such things as animal feed. Your automatic reaction is likely to be, no that cannot happen. Well, that’s just sticking your head in the sand. Don’t be so sure, there is no limit to the evil of greed. Be in NO DOUBT, there are people who would openly resume slavery if they could get away with it. (I’m absolutely sure this is true of a certain Kentucky Senator, who is EVIL.) I use the word openly because underground slavery is an extant and real problem.

To conclude, I assert that the underlying human pandemic is STUPIDITY.


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  1. Richard permalink

    There have always been plenty of stupid and suggestible people – that fact has existed since we were all living in mud huts. The syndrome you have in America right now is that the republican party both has them under its control, and has no respect for them.

    A cultural willingness to ‘believe’ in things you cannot see, automatic deference to those that tell you to believe the things they say, and a presumption that these people are good: these are all part of the syndrome of control.

    The Democrats may well have failed – whereas it seems to me that the Republican party has become evil. It might still have some normal people within it, but the men at the top are pure evil and those that choose to follow: I’ll refer back to your own comments.

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