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Time To Let Go….

November 15, 2014

3/19/2015: I sold 7 scopes, 2 meters a power supply and a signal generator this weekend, 4 of the scopes are full size (Tek 500 series and HP 150A). I am experiencing a sense of relief that this wonderful equipment is wanted and going to good homes. I am also relieved to know that the burden of stuff in my home is steadily reducing. I have moved into a new phase of my life and want to be able to move freely without having to deal with (literally) tons of stuff.

11/5/2014: I have decided that it is time to start letting go of stuff. If you are interested in acquiring any of the items I have written about, please comment on this post and I will get back to you.


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  1. Bruce Baur permalink

    I am torn. I read this and then go back to ‘About this part of me’. This seems to be a big change or flashback to me. I do hope you are OK. I reread many of your repair stories today with great pleasure and in hopes that they will continue. You don’t have to keep all our stuff, but keep working on stuff. Keep that warm glow going and keep letting us know how you do it. You have become a master at it.

    Do come visit us at vintagetek some day. We would all love to meet you.

    Please take care,


  2. I do this occasionally, too. My only advice is to sleep on each choice, and see if your resolve remains over time. Of all the things I’ve “let go”, there are many that I have regretted later. On the other hand, they have been outnumbered 10:1 by things I truly not only no longer needed, but resented maintaining.

    I did find solace on one occasion by carefully donating some items where I thought they would have value. Not only did I “lighten the load”, but I still feel good memories of where those possessions went. The last time I did this sort of thing, I changed my career, my dwelling, my companions, most of my tools, and my hobbies, all at once.

    Best of luck, friend, and thanks for all these posts. I learned a lot from your generosity of knowledge.

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