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The Power And Magic Of Being With People

February 6, 2012

This is “off the wall” relative to most of the content of this blog. If you have read my “about me”, then you will get the context I am coming from here.
One of the things that humans are hung up on is “understanding”. It can help but is not necessary. What people who are depressed need most of all is others who can BE with them, just as they are and just as they are not, that is the space which pulls for healing. Like my sisters, I have battled depression all my adult life and before that. When people just accept me, even when I am very difficult, that is when I can do my work because I am safe. It is interesting, I am an engineer by profession and engineers are more hoist by the need to understand than most. My journey has set me free from the need to understand and learn that I am really, really good at being with people, when I remember to do that, it does take intention. That is my gift, not the ability to comprehend or analyse. And let’s face it, if understanding were a pre-requisite to life, well we would not exist. The power and magic of being with people opens up a different realm of possibility not only around depression but around life itself.


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