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December 18, 2011

Hmmm. It is interesting how the level of energy I put into a project bears no relation to the level of interest shown in the resulting post. For me, the most intense, enjoyable and interesting project has been the restoration and comparison of the early Tek 535 and HP 150A. Yet the post that attracts most interest is that on the Triumph Wobbulator, perhaps there is something in the name? And I did enjoy the Triumph restoration enormously but it lacked the depth of the 535/150A project. I am pleased to note the level of interest in the AN/USM page, the USM-32 project was quite novel. I also note that very few people visit the page where the equipment is listed with the post links and similarly, few people click on the pictures to display them full-size. I wonder if the information I provide is helpful or merely of passing interest? I suspect that in most cases, it is the latter. Still, I do this because I want to however, I also want to provide something of value. I am soon to add a 511A to the collection, taking me much closer to the beginning of Tek. I wonder how that will be received?


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  1. John KC9TUI permalink

    Richard, don’t read too much into the click behavior. Some of us disable scripts and so you may not be tracking as well as you think. However, no matter what we are doing, you are providing an extraordinarily valuable contribution to electronics lore, so please keep going. My guess is that it’ll be10 more years before I approach your skill level, and even then it won’t be at the same breadth of knowledge.

    Deeply appreciate the posts!

  2. Thank you for the feedback John. It is good to know that what I do provides value for people.

  3. David Taylor permalink

    Very interesting and comprehensive write-up about a wonderfully engineered item of test gear Richard. The electro-mechanical challenges that faced the designers must have been immense, and it’s very uplifting to see that through your considerable efforts, it has been rescued from an uncertain fate, and restored to good order! The trace on the CRT is testimony to your efforts. Very well done!!

    David Taylor,
    East Yorkshire.

  4. Henry Hopkinson permalink

    Hello Richard
    I have 3 of the 3 inch scope, OS-8E/U and I am in the process of modifing one of them to what you did with one of them. I am amazed of the tube circuits that were designed during WWll that were for communications and radar systems for land and sea. I got my EE with tube theory. I enjoy the electronics of years ago to the most simple the the most complex.
    Henry Hopkinson

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